Meeting The Needs Of Our Communities

District Minstries

The purpose of the Hawaii District Leadership & Departmental structure is to, provide continuing ministries and events designed to enrich the lives of our constituents while compassionately reaching for and connecting with the local community and it's ever expanding needs.

HIDistrict Departments


    Director: John Roth

    The mission of the Children’s Ministries Department is to assist local churches in developing and maintaining a growing and effective Sunday school. We train, equip, and motivate workers to evangelize and nurture spiritual development among people of all ages with special emphasis on children's and singles' ministries.

    To fulfill our mission statement the international organization has created ministries that reach the child as well as the teacher. Our ministries currently consist of the following:

    Christian Educational Opportunities

    Jr. Bible Quizzing - for children up to age eleven
    Teacher Training - training and certification
    Summer Camp - for children up to age twelve

  • Global Missions

    Director: Mel deSagun

    The Global Missions department provides a local liaison between the Global Missions Division, the missionary and the local churches.  Dedicated missionaries appointed by UPCI are asked to come and share their burden and to update the churches concerning the great accomplishments in their fields of labor.  Local churches are enriched and blessed through hosting a UPCI Missionary. 

    Churches are also encouraged to prayerful and financial partner with each missionary family is the desire and objective of the HIDist Global Missions Department. A current way to expedite this burden is for each church to embrace the “I Am Global” initiative.  For more information, contact your local mission’s director.

  • Ladies Ministries

    President: Debbie Sanders -  Secretary: Dierdre Gallimore

  • Men's Ministries (Apostolic man)

    Director: Manuel Lopez  -  Secretary: Lloyd Gallimore

    The purpose of Apostolic Man's Ministry is to spiritually influence and enrich men of the HIDistrict.

    By working with the local church directors, our purpose is accomplished through HIDistrict's Men's Conference, the one annual event that will serve to unite, instruct, and encourage all men in every church.

  • North american/hawaii missions

    Director: Michael Loscalzo  -  Secretary: Gregg Shepard

    The Hawaii District North American Missions Department is fully engaged in facilitating state-wide evangelism and growth strategies.  This is being accomplish through local church partnerships in training, crusades, financial assistance and equipping ministers to effectively labor in the End Time Harvest.

  • Prayer ministry/island network of prayer

    Director: Judie Wasson  -  Secretary: Pua'ena Burgess

  • Student ministries

    President: Leslie Conyers  -  Secretary Anthony Carron

    Our mission is to explore every option and opportunity to help anchor, and advance the youth and students of Hawaii in Apostolic experience and ministry. This mission is facilitated by service to the local churches of the United Pentecostal Church International, assisting them in fulfilling the great commission given by Jesus Christ which is to evangelize the lost and disciple the converted.

    We carry this mission out via the following:
    Individual Island services and events
    District Youth Worker Training
    Youth Camp
    Hyphen Events